New Multi-Door Refrigerator

Hitachi intelligent Multi-Door Refrigerator that made In Japan contains new Ruthenium Platinum catalyst Vacuum Compartment which can increase the durability of food so that the freshness of food can be kept.

With large capacity, the new Big735L refrigerator provides more space for the fresh food. Moreover, Aero-care Vegetable Compartment with new Ruthenium Platinum catalyst maintains a higher concentration of CO2 which can suppress breathing and keep the freshness of Vegetables.

With new Delicious Freezing function, Hitachi Multi-Door Refrigerator helps to freeze the food with freshness taste. Temperature sensor automatically senses the food temperature in order to create great freezing environment.
With new Sensor Cooling & Moisture Cooling function, Hitachi refrigerator strength the effectiveness of keeping the food fresh.

Crystal Umber glass surface with touch control panel which is new color makes your home look smart and modern. Meanwhile, the other color, Crystal mirror, is also another great choice for your clean and tidy home.

Therefore Hitachi refrigerators sales rise steadily and won the No.1 sales position* in Hong Kong for seventeen consecutive years.
*According to a market research report of refrigerator in Hong Kong in 2002-2018(Jan to Sep).

Hitachi SMART EXTENSION Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Hitachi NEW SMART EXTENSION Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with NEW Smart hose and diverse accessories, clean various areas not only floor but also whole place.

New Single Tub Washer Series

New Hitachi Single Tub Washer Series with compact size but big washing capacity. The new 6kg models with 500mm width only & wide penetration shower which covers wider area of washing tub for more penetration into the clothes. Moreover, the new 7.5kg models with Anti-bacterial Care to provide more clean and comfort washing. Also, Dual penetration shower covers wider area of washing tub for faster penetration into the clothes.

New Auto Self Clean Function

When doing the laundry, Auto Self Clean automatically starts operating. Clean water washes away dirt from the inner tub and outer tub with 99% Mold & Bacteria reduction.