New Hitachi 4-Door French Bottom Freezer Series

Be the master chef with our New Hitachi 4-Door French Bottom Freezer! With 513L large capacity and exceptional functions, it easily organizes and keeps foods at the optimal conditions.

Hitachi Slim Fridge Series

Customer can choose from 2-door, 3-door or 5-door fridge within same width of the fridge main Body and provide various color choices of refrigerators for different kitchen style.

NEW Frost Wash Split Type Air Conditioner Series

Our newly-introduced Frost Wash split type air conditioner contains Frost Wash System, which can wash away the accumulated dust by freezing and thawing heat exchanger in the indoor unit. Together with anti-bacteria and anti-dust features of Stainless Clean System, it can ensure continuously healthier air supply to you and your family.

New Selectable Zone R-KWC570KH

New launched Hitachi 6-Door IoT Smart Inverter refrigerator R-KWC570KH, made in japan, contains the new Selectable Zone function. By switching the temperature setting, it can adapt to different family lifestyle.

New Hitachi 6-Door IoT Smart Inverter Fridge

Hitachi intelligent Multi-Door Refrigerator that made In Japan contains new IoT technology with the Ruthenium Platinum catalyst Vacuum Compartment which can increase the durability of food so that the freshness of food can be kept.

New IoT Mobile Application Instruction

• IoT Mobile Application Instruction Video (Full version)
• Download the「Hitachi Fridge」application Video
• Connect refrigerator to wireless LAN Video
• Control Panel: Remote Control Video
• My Lists (Food Management) Video
• Door Alarm Video
• Support Video
• Instruction Manual
• Quick Guide for Connect refrigerator to wireless LAN
• Caution on use of the application

Review of New Hitachi Refrigerator

• Recommendation of Hitachi IoTRefrigerator
• Tips for choosing Refrigerator

Review of NEW Hitachi Air Conditioner

• Review of Hitachi Sales No.1 Air Conditioner
• Tips for choosing Air Conditioner
• Energy Label for Air Conditioner
• Differences between Split Type, Widow Split and Window Type Air Conditioner

Hitachi SMART EXTENSION Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Hitachi NEW SMART EXTENSION Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with NEW Smart hose and diverse accessories, clean various areas not only floor but also whole place.

New Single Tub Washer Series

New Hitachi Single Tub Washer Series with compact size but big washing capacity. The new 6kg models with 500mm width only & wide penetration shower which covers wider area of washing tub for more penetration into the clothes. Moreover, the new 7.5kg models with Anti-bacterial Care to provide more clean and comfort washing. Also, Dual penetration shower covers wider area of washing tub for faster penetration into the clothes.

New Auto Self Clean Function

When doing the laundry, Auto Self Clean automatically starts operating. Clean water washes away dirt from the inner tub and outer tub with 99% Mold & Bacteria reduction.