"HITACHI" is formed by two Chinese characters: "hi" meaning "sun" and "tachi" meaning "rise". The two words together symbolize the dauntless man standing before the rising sun, planning a better future for all.

In 1910, Hitachi Ltd was founded in Japan by Mr Namihei Odaira as a repair shop of a mining company. Today, it has been developed into a global international corporation with 330 thousands employees and has an annual sales of USD76 billion. Hitachi has then expanded its business to Hong Kong and established Hitachi (Hong Kong ) Limited on 10 January 1964, mainly responsible for the sales of home appliances.

Hitachi (Hong Kong) Limited, a sales and marketing office wholly owned by Hitachi Corporation is committed to establish sales and services with the region of Hong Kong and Macau.

Our company markets and sells products of both electrical home appliances and multimedia digital products. These include air conditioner, refrigerator, washer, dehumidifier, small home appliances, health & beauty care products, projector, etc. Extensive technical support services are also offered for these products.

Company Name Hitachi (Hong Kong) Limited
Established Jan 10, 1964
Main Business Activities Sales & services of electrical home appliances and multimedia digital products