New Hitachi Compact Series Split Type Air Conditioner
New Hitachi Compact Series Split Type Air Conditioner with 420mm height of outdoor unit which tailor made for Hong Kong market & fit for the window type air conditioner platform. Easy installation, High cooling capacity with Grade 1 energy label.
New Hitachi Ion cleansing device Hada CRiE Hot&Cool
Hitachi Hada CRiE series make you have professional beauty treatment at your home continuously. Now, we introduce Hada CRiE Hot&Cool which made in Japan to you. It contains two heads that are hot & cool for full treatment. It can help to clean pores and then moisturize your skin. After hot & cool treatment, it can tighten your pores in order to create perfect look! New Hada CRiE is also included in whole series for your selection.
New Hitachi G-SWORD Rotary Shaver
New Hitachi G-SWORD Rotary Shaver with Photocatalyst Drum Razor Blade and 27° Cutting Blade Angle. Fast & smooth shaving by Cross Wave Cut shaving method. Also, Drum Razor Blade with Photocatalyst coating which can be washed by water easily. And it can be dried by LED Light Dryer with 99% germs & odor reduction. Hitachi G-SWORD Rotary Shaver which is made in Japan and contains 2 years warranty.
New Hitachi IH Pressure & Steam Rice Cooker
Hitachi IH Pressure & Steam Rice Cooker equips with 3 main technologies which are 2-Step Heating, Vacuum Outer Pot and IH Pressure & Steam. 2-Step Heating means the centre part is heated and then the side area is heated gradually due to the difference of thickness of Thick Thermal Sprayed Iron Inner Pot. 2-Step Heating with pressure and steam makes the rice sticky and full. Hitachi also investigated the Vacuum Outer Pot with Thermos. It can keep the rice wet for 40 hours. Furthermore IH Pressure and steam maintains 107 º C high temperature steam and maximum 1.3 atm pressures which make the rice cooked thoroughly. This rice cooker also contains many cooking program. Many dishes can be cooked easily and you can enjoy cooking very much.
IH Pressure & Steam Rice Cooker Series have a total of 5 models for choosing and provide 2 years warranty.
New Auto Self Clean Function
When doing the laundry, Auto Self Clean automatically starts operating. Clean water washes away dirt from the inner tub and outer tub with 99% Mold & Bacteria reduction.
New Hitachi Humidifying Air Purifier
New Hitachi Humidifying Air Purifier can filter dust, viruses, odor and PM2.5 effectively. It helps to create clean and fresh air for your healthy life. Whole series of Hitachi Humidifying Air Purifier are made in Japan and awarded Allergy UK Seal of Approval which let you rest assured to use.
New BIG DRUM Front Loading Drum Type Washer
Hitachi New BIG DRUM 510 Front Loading Drum Type Washer with Quadruple Technology for Quietness and Stability: 4-Ply Liquid Load Balancer, High-Damping Hydraulic Suspensions, 56-Pole Direct Drive Inverter Motor & Anti-Vibration Sidewalls, plus 510mm BIG DRUM, operating with 3D Sensor Control Wash, 400- 1,600rpm and Intelligent Sensor System made an extraordinary cleaning power and take extra care of the washed items. In addition, it has been acquired HK Grade 1 Energy Label, Waster Efficiency Label, Allergy UK Seal of Approval and Woolmark Approval. Also, various washing programs, Standby Power Zero W and Auto Power Off made safety and reliability. Moreover, removable worktop enables under-counter installation.
New Multi-door Refrigerator Series
Hitachi intelligent Multi-Door Refrigerator that made In Japan contains new Photocatalyst Vacuum Compartment. It seems can stop the time and keep the nutrients so that the freshness of food can be kept. Moreover it has great performance in energy saving, the energy consumption is reduced 50% when compares with the refrigerator launched 5 years ago. Therefore Hitachi refrigerators sales rise steadily and won the No.1 sales position* in Hong Kong for eleven consecutive years.
*According to a market research report of refrigerator in Hong Kong in 2002-2012.
New Lip Ion Cleansing and Moisturizing Device Hada CRiE Lip
Actually our lips are very soft, we have to take care them carefully otherwise the appearance of your face will be affected. Hitachi launches Hada CRiE Lip for customer to improve lips problem. Using Ion cleansing and heating care function to cleanse your lips deeply and enhance the moisture effect. It makes your lip soft and elastic.
New 3-Door Refrigerator Series
Hitachi 3-Door Refrigerator contains Inverter Control System, it advanced in quick cooling, energy saving and quiet operation. The new Glass Door looks gorgeous which fit the modern stylish of your home. The fashionable design Hitachi Refrigerator with outstanding function must be your first choice.
ALL DC INVERTER Split Type Air Conditioner
Thanks to Hitachi's technology, now we can enjoy ALL DC INVERTER Split Type Air Conditioner. ALL DC INVERTER is Compressor, Indoor unit’s fan and Outdoor unit’s fan are ALL using DC Inverter technology. Compared with AC Inverter or those just using DC Inverter technology in compressor, its advanced in quick cooling, energy saving and quiet operation. Also, with pump function, compared with traditional oil radiator, its energy saving, quick warming and even distribution.
New Handy & Easy Remote Control Cyclonic Cleaner
Hitachi New Handy & Easy Remote Control Cyclonic Cleaner with 2300W power consumption and 500W suction power plus a remote control,. Moreover, there is a 7 stages filtration System and Allergy approval. Hitachi Cyclonic Cleaner must be your best partner for cleaning home.
New Single Tub Washer
Hitachi New Single Tub Washer, AJ-S80MX with 8kg washing capacity and a broader space for laundry, more clothes can be washed each time that can save not only water and electricity but also laundry work and time. Moreover, by using Intelligent spin, the spin speed can be selected from 500, 700 & 900. Also, Triple jet, Circular motion penetration, Sprinkling rinsing, Zero Standby Power and Tangle-Free Finish made a powerful washing ability. In addition, it has been acquired Grade 1 Energy Label and Water Efficiency Label.
NEW Stainless Clean Split Type Air Conditioner
Hitachi's Air Conditioner New Stainless Clean series that has stainless-structured interior, with heating and cooling function, the DC Inverter technology and Twin Eco-Sensors can provide precise temperature control. This series has obtained Grade 1 Energy Label; also it has the R410A Refrigerant, Dry-Pro and Quick Laundry function, which can provide comfortable environment to consumers in all seasons.